Living Room Floor Fitting Services:

If you’re considering renovating your living room, installing a new wood floor is a great way to give the space a fresh, updated look. As wood floor fitting installers, we specialize in providing top-quality living room floor fitting services that will help transform your living room into the beautiful and inviting space you’ve always wanted.
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There are a wide range of wood flooring options for a living room, from solid hardwood to engineered wood to laminate. Unlike a kitchen or bathroom, a living room is a dry area, so any expansion is minimum at best. If you’re subfloor is floorboards / chipboard / plywood then it’s just a matter of a cheap and cheerful underlay, there are other options such as acoustic, thermal or moisture barrier. More on what type of underlay do I need below…
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Let’s begin, do you have a concrete or wood-based sub-floor? This determines which type of underlay you will need. If you’re sub-floor is wood based then a bog standard cheap and cheerful underlay is absolutely fine, no need for a vapour barrier. If its concrete then a vapour barrier is essential, vapour barrier can come in roll form, more often than not 3ft wide that must be taped where the edges meet. Or better again in a sheet form, circa 12ft x 16ft to cover the entire floor area.
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Most of the time these areas if not all can be completed within 1 day, but it really depends on the chosen flooring type. To speed up the process homeowners are encouraged to remove as much furniture from the room as possible, such as the couch, freestanding furniture etc, but its not a big issue as we understand some homeowners are not capable due to age or disability.
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Once the flooring has been fitted around the radiator pipes, the final step is to install colour-coordinated pipe hole covers. These covers are designed to fit snugly around the pipes and blend in seamlessly with the flooring, creating a polished and cohesive look.
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Door adjusting / planed for increased floor height if needed. We understand the importance of ensuring a smooth and even finish to a newly laid floor. This process is crucial in order to ensure that the door functions properly and does not scrape against the new flooring or become difficult to open or close.
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All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last. For a free no obligation Livingroom Wood Floor Fitting Services quote or practical advice, contact Our Floor Fitter on 07779 532 113. (Mike)